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Printing Your Tax Slips

Once your tax slip images are saved, you can print them for your employees. Print Employee Tax Slip Images includes the background of the tax slip and the employee tax slip information.

Please go to Printing Your Laser Slips for more information if you use pre-printed forms.

Additional Information
T2200 and TP-64.3-V slips can’t be printed here. Please use an alternative method to provide these to your employees.

If you only print tax slips for terminated employees, go to Delivering Tax Slips to Terminated Employees for more information.

How to Make Your Print Selections

Step 1: Open Print Tax Slip Images in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Tax Slip Processing >> Tax Slip Images.

Step 2: Select the correct Tax Year if it’s not selected.

Step 3: Select the correct Slip Type if it’s not selected.

Step 4: Determine if you want to print the tax slips based on their created dates.

  • Select All to print tax slips regardless of when they were created.

  • Select Created On Or After to restrict based on the date the tax slip was created, then enter the date and time. Only tax slips created after this will print.

Additional Information
If you’re creating amended or cancelled tax slips, go to Amended Tax Slips, Cancelled T4/T4A, or Cancelled RL1/RL2
 for more information.

Step 5: In Group By, select the order the tax slips will print.

  • Employee: Tax slips will print in employee order.

  • Location: All the tax slips will print for one location, then the next, etc.

  • Pay Group: All the tax slips will print for one pay group, then the next, etc.

  • Delivery Code: All the tax slips will print for one delivery code, then the next, etc.

Additional Information
While making this selection, consider how you’ll distribute the tax slips; this makes distribution easier if you print slips for many employees. 

Step 6: Select the order the tax slips will print.

  • Number: Select to print in order by employee number order.

  • Name: Select to print in order by employee last name.

Additional Information
The Sort and Group By selections determine the order the tax slips will be printed.

Suppose you selected Location for Group and Number for Sort. In this case, all your employees for the first location will print from lowest to highest employee number, then all the employees in the second location, etc.

Step 7: Select Exclude employees with electronic tax slips to prevent employees with Electronic Tax Slips on their Employee Profile from printing.

Additional Information
To enable or disable Electronic Tax Slips, head to the Personal tab of the Employee Profile. You can also set Electronic Tax Slips for multiple employees using Default Groups. For more information on updating multiple employees, go to Update Employee Information for All Employees.

Step 8: Select the Print Copy if printing RL-1s or RL-2.

  • All: Print a copy for Revenu Québec and the employee.

  • Ministere du Revenu: Print the copy for Revenu Québec.

  • Employee: Print the employees’ copy.

Step 9: If your printer needs additional time to finish printing, increase the Print Timeout (seconds).

Important Information
If tax slips are not printing for some employees, increase the Print Timeout. It’s likely that your printer needs more time to finish printing and skips some employees as a result.

Step 10: Select which Tax Slips Groups will have tax slips printed.

Step 11: Determine which employees will have tax slips printed.

  • All: Print the tax slip for all employees.

  • Range: Select which employees will have the tax slip printed.

Step 12: Confirm whether the correct employees will have tax slips created:

How to Restrict the Tax Slips From Being Printed

You can create data filters to prevent tax slips from being printed for some employees. Only employees who meet the filter criteria will have their tax slips printed.

An employee’s tax slip will print if:

  • They are in one of the selected tax slip groups

  • They are in the range of selected employees

  • They meet the filter criteria

If you don’t want to restrict employees’ tax slips from being printed, skip to the How to Print The Tax Slips section below.

Step 1: Select the Data Filter tab.

Step 2: Select Define.

Step 3: Select the correct tab if incorrect.

  • Employee Tax Slip Document: Filter employees based on their tax slip document information.

  • Employee Tax Slip Data: Filter employees based on their tax slip information from Modify Employee Tax Slip Data.

  • Employee Profile: Filter employees based on their information from the Employee Profile.

Step 4: Select Insert.

Step 5: Select the field that determines which employees will be updated.

Step 6: Select the limiting circumstance of the filter for the condition from the following options:

<                    Less than
>                    Greater than
=                    Equal or exactly as
<=                  Less than or equal to
>= Greater than or equal to
<>                  Not equal to
Like               Includes employees that match the value, when the value has wildcards (*)
Not Like        Excludes employees that match the value, when the value has wildcards (*)
In                    Includes any employees matching one of the values in the list
Not In            Excludes any employees matching one of the values in the list

Step 7: Select the value from the list of available options. The employee must match the value based on the conditions for their tax slip to print.

Additional Information
If the condition is ‘Like’ or ‘Not Like’, characters in the value can be replaced with wild cards (*). The condition is met if all the characters, except wild cards, match the value.

Step 8: Specify how multiple filter lines relate to the next filter line by selecting either And or Or in Conjunction.

And        Filtered results meet all criteria defined.
Or           Filtered results meet one or the other defined criteria.

Step 9: Select OK to save the filter.

Step 10: Repeat Steps 3 to 9 until the filter removes all the employees not being updated.

Step 11: Select Exit.

How to Print Your Tax Slips

Step 1: Select the Printer Settings tab.

Step 2: Select the correct printer.

Step 3: Select Letter for Paper Size if it’s not already selected.

Step 4: Select Duplex.

Additional Information 
The printed slips contain all pages, so we recommend printing duplex.

Step 5: Select Portrait for Orientation if it’s not selected.

Step 6: Select Print once you’ve verified all your selections are correct.

Important Information
The tax slips will immediately start printing once you select Print.

Step 7: Once your tax slips finish printing, select Print Results to keep a copy for reference. From here, you can print or save it as a file.

Step 8: Go to the How To Make Your Print Selections section above and repeat for each type of tax slip you print.

You’re all done printing employee tax slips. Nice job! The next step in the Tax Slip Process is Generating T2200 Forms.

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