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Location Code Setup Guide

Location Code Setup Guide

Location Codes can be assigned to positions to track the physical location of different employees. Locations Codes are used for reporting and tracking and does not directly effect pay roll processing.

Add Location Code

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Employer Payroll Tables > Location Codes

  2. Add a new Location Code by pressing Insert.

    Figure 1. The Insert button will add a new Location Code.

Location Code Basic Setup

  1. Enter the Code or this Location Code.

  2. Enter the Description for the Location

    Figure 2. Example Location Code basic setup
    • Code field must be 4 alpha-numeric characters long (underscores, dashes, and periods can also be included).

    • Active must be enabled to make the Location Code available from within Avanti.

Update ROE (Record of Employment) Information

The Contact and Issuer information that is included on the ROE can be overriden on the Location Code.

Figure 3. Example optional ROE Contact and Issuer information.

You can choose not to enter the Contact or Issuer information and the ROE will use the defaults defined in Canadian Payroll > Installation & Maintenance > Employer Information.

Example of ROE Contact and Issuer pulled from Location Code

When a ROE is generated for an employee the Contact and Issuer information will be automatically pulled from the Location Code currently assigned to the employee. Generated ROEs can be viewed from Canadian Payroll > Record of Employment > ROE Data Maintanence.

Figure 4. Example of the Contact and Issuer information being filled in from the Location Code on a ROE.

Save Location Code

Press OK to create the new Location Code.


  1. Where can location codes be used in Avanti?

    Location Codes can be used in 4 different locations:
    • The Employment Data of the Employee Profile to assign a location to an employee.

    • Within a Defaults Group to assign the location as a default location for employees in that group.

    • On a Position Code to assign the location to any employee with that location.

    • From Payroll Data Entry to assign an adjustment to a location.

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