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ON EHT - Creating a Source Code Group

In Ontario, if gross earnings (G0) aren't adequate for your ON EHT calculations, you’ll need to set up a Source Code Group in the remittance report. This Group allows you to select which earning, deduction, and benefit codes will be included in your ON EHT remittance calculation. If you haven't set up your remittance report yet, visit ON EHT installing the remittance report. ADD LINK DURING PUBLISH

Additional Information
If you’re unsure about what should be included in your EHT Remittance, please contact the appropriate government body.

Gross Earnings (G0) is calculated as: All Earning Codes – (Type: ‘Other’) + All Taxable Benefits

How to Create a Source Code Group

Step 1: Navigate to Vendor Remittance Setup.
By default, this can be found under Canadian Payroll >> Installation & Maintenance

Open your Ontario Extended Health Tax remitter setup, and select the Source Codes tab.

Step 2: Select Insert.

Step 3: Select all relevant codes for the appropriate source.

Step 4: Select OK.