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Disable Avanti MFA When Using Microsoft Sign-On

If you are currently verifying some users using Avanti Security and others with Microsoft Sign-On, this setting will increase user security and streamline the login process.

You can prevent Avanti Multifactor Authentication when the user authenticates using Azure Active Directory (Microsoft Sign-On). Users authenticating using Avanti Security will still need to complete Avanti MFA.

Step 1: Open Administration Settings on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and enter AzureActiveDirectoryIgnoreAvantiMfa in Search.
By default, this can be found in Administration. 


Step 2: Select Edit for AzureActiveDirectoryIgnoreAvantiMfa.


Step 3: Select Value if it’s deselect, then click Save.


Step 5: Select Reload Settings.

Additional Information
If you’ve already moved to the latest ASSP
, you won’t see Reload Settings; your changes will take effect within 5 minutes. If you haven’t moved yet, it may take up to a day for this setting to take effect.


Congratulations! You have successfully disabled Avanti MFA for anyone using Microsoft Sign-On!

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