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Verifying CPP and QPP Rates

When you initialize Employee Totals Avanti will automatically adjust CPP and QPP rates to the new maximum if the old maximum is previously indicated. Be sure to verify that the new rates are correct as part of your year-end process.

How to Verify CPP and QPP Rates

Important Information
This should only be done after Initialize Employee Totals is completed.

Step 1: Open CPP/QPP Groups in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Taxation & Assessment Tables.

Step 2: Confirm whether each of the following is correct for each CPP/QPP Group.


2023 CPP

2023 QPP

Basic exemption



Max Pensionable Earnings



Employee Rate



Employer factor



Maximum Contributions



Important Information
If a CPP/QPP Group has incorrect values for the year, your remittances during the 2022 payroll year may be incorrect. Please submit a ticket here for assistance.

Step 3: Select Exit.

Congratulations! Your CPP/QPP Groups are now ready for 2023. The next step in the year-end process is Verifying QPIP Rates.

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