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Payroll Data Entry: Create a New Batch

Batches are used to enter time, add earnings such as an employee bonus, or override salary amounts. Batches can be viewed, inserted, or deleted from Payroll Data Entry.

Setup a New Batch

The steps to create & setup a batch:

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Payroll Data Entry > Payroll Data Entry.

  2. Create a new payroll data batch by pressing Insert.

    Insert a batch quickly by pressing CtrlInsert on the keyboard.

    After pressing Insert a form will open where the batch can be setup:

    1. Enter the batch Description.

      Providing the reason the batch was created might be a good idea.
    2. Select the Pay Ending Date of the batch pay-period.

    3. Select the Pay Groups to process with this batch.

      7 10 2018 2 36 22 PM
      • Pay Groups must have matching pay-period pay-ending dates to be selected in the same batch.

      • When a Pay Group is selected the Pay Ending Date will be changed to the nearest pay-period pay-ending-date for that Pay Group.

  3. Create the Payroll Data batch by pressing OK now.

The batch will be added to the list of batches in Payroll Data Entry, and the batch will open automatically in a new window.

Next steps:

  • Add Earnings, deductions, and other entries to the batch.

  • Change the batch status to complete [see batch status]

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