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Print and Update The RL-1 Summary

Tax Slip Summary Forms provide tax slip summary data for each tax slip type. You can use the T4 and T4A Summary to balance your CRA submissions.

While you can print a summary for each tax slip type, you only need to include it with your RL-1; it’s automatically included in the transmission file when you submit your tax slip to the CRA electronically.

Avanti does not populate all the required fields on your RL-1. Please be sure to update any required fields once you’ve saved the PDF.

If you don’t want to create any tax slip summaries, the tax slip process is Create Tax Slip Transmission Files for CRA or RQ.

How To Print an RL-1 Summary

Step 1: In the Avanti Desktop Application, open Print RL-1 Summary.
By default, these can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Tax Slip Processing >> Tax Slip Summary Forms.

Step 2: Select 2022 for the Tax Year if not selected.

Step 3: Select the correct Quebec Identification Number if not selected.

Step 4: Select how you’ll submit your RL-1s to RQ in the Rl-1 slips submitted.

  • On Paper

  • Via the Internet

Step 5: Select OK to create the fillable PDF.

Step 6: Navigate to the location, save the file with a unique File name for the report, then select Save.

Step 7: Select Yes if you want to review the summary immediately. Otherwise, you can select No and review the summary at a later time.

Step 8: Review the summary to ensure accuracy.

Additional Information
If you discover that some of the information Avanti populated was incorrect, please update the tax slip group or the employees’ tax slip data, then recreate the RL-1 Summary. For more information, please go to Create, Update, and Review Tax Slip Groups or Review, Modify and Add Employee Tax Slips.

Step 9: Complete the additional fields required on the RL-1 Summary.

Step 10: Save your RL-1 Summary.

Congratulations! Your RL-1 Summary is complete and ready to submit to RQ. You’re ready for the next step in the tax slip process, Create Tax Slip Transmission Files for CRA or RQ.

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