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Mastering CPP Calculations (2023-10)

Here are answers to all your questions during the Mastering CPP Calculations Skill-Up Webinar. Here’s the video if you’d like to watch the webinar again.

Don't miss out on the insights shared in the presentation; the slides from the Skill-up Webinar are attached at the bottom of this article.

Q: I thought the deadline for Avanti Cloud was Dec 31, 2022

A: As of Dec 31, 2022, all our clients successfully migrated from being On-Prem to the Avanti Cloud.

Now, we are strongly encouraging everyone to sign in using the Avanti Cloud Client, the new, secure way to access the Avanti Desktop, designed to enhance your overall user experience. Go to Downloading the Avanti Cloud Client to learn more about Avanti Cloud Client.

Q: Will the Box 16A amounts be deducted on the default 501, or will we add a second CPP code?

A: Everyone must create new deduction codes for the second CPP and QPP contribution. But don’t worry; we have a workshop scheduled to assist you in setting up these new codes well ahead of the upcoming year. Stay tuned for further information in your inbox.

Q: Has CRA officially announced/confirmed the YMPE and YAMPE numbers yet, or are all illustrations still on estimated numbers?

A: That is an estimate at this point. All figures in this Skill-Up Webinar are pulled directly from the CRA’s webinar in March of 2023.

Q: Will Avanti send an update for the new eCPP code to be added to our systems?

A: We will host a workshop for everyone to ensure the new codes required are set up well before the new year. You’ll need to set up the new codes in Avanti, as each client has their own unique deduction/benefit code numbering structure.

Q: The Vendor Remittance for Receiver General can be quite slow, sometimes 3-4 minutes to open. Can it be sped up?

A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will take this feedback back to our product team.

Q: How will the eCPP be handled on a biweekly payroll? Here, we only see the yearly calculations.

A: The second CPP will calculate based on YTD amounts using the YMPE and YAMPE. It won’t begin calculating the second CPP until the YMPE threshold is met.

Q: Does the eCPP deduction start from pay period 1 based on annual salary?
i.e. If an employee’s annual salary is less than YAMPE, will Avanti deduct eCPP during their first pay period? Will it deduct for the employees with an higher annual salary than YMPA?

A: CPP and eCPP don’t calculate based on annual salary; they calculate based on the amount in the current pay run processing using YTD totals. Since eCPP deductions don’t start until the first YMPE limit is reached, it won’t impact employees’ first pay of 2024.

Q: How can we see when the next Skill-Up is?

A: Go to the Skill-Up Webinar Registration to sign up for the next webinar.

Q: Will the Vouchers be modified to break out the total tax, total CPP and total EI when forwarding the voucher to AP?

A: Thank you for your feedback. We are making additional enhancements to the Vendor Remittance and welcome the feedback to improve it.

Q: When will we have information on any new eCPP codes that need to be deployed?

A: We are finalizing the changes, and this information will be available with the 23.10.1 release on Oct 19, 2023.

Q: I can still see the self-mailer menus. Do we have to remove it manually?

A: Currently, the program has been removed from Avanti’s backend and cannot be run; you’ll get an error message if you try to access the Self Mailer from the menu.

We recommend removing these from the menu as a best practice to keep your menus tidy. Go to Remove Items From Your Menu to learn more.

Additional Resources

Here are the links to additional resources mentioned during the Skill-Up.

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