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Unlocking a User Account

To help keep your essential information safe, users’ accounts are locked out for 30 minutes when they can’t sign in after too many tries on the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP).

Important Information
This is only applicable once you’ve moved to the latest ASSP

We’ll email employees to let them know their account is locked out. They’ll also get a note in their Avanti Messages and the Notification Center. If they need to access Avanti immediately, they’ll need to contact someone to get their account unlocked; otherwise, they’ll have access again in 30 minutes.


You’ll know a user’s account is locked out if the date/time in Lockout is within the last 30 minutes.

Additional Information
The number of unsuccessful attempts and lockout time of 30 minutes cannot be adjusted. We’re keeping the number of unsuccessful sign in attempts confidential to keep it out of the hands of those with malicious intent and safeguard your critical information.

How to Unlock an Account

If an employee would like to access ASSP within 30 minutes of being locked out, a Regular User with access to the Avanti Desktop can unlock the account.

Step 1: Open Avanti Users in the Avanti Desktop.
By default, this can be found in System Administration >> System Access Controls.


Step 2: In Search, enter the username of the locked out employee and select Search.


Step 3: Select the User, then select Modify. 


Step 4: Check the Locked Out date and time. If it’s not recent, you’ll want to confirm that the employee is entering the correct username to sign in.  


Step 5: Select Unlock to grant the user immediate access. This removes the Locked Out information.


Step 6: Select OK to save your changes.


Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the user’s account, and they can now sign in.

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