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Geofencing Overview

Geofences are virtual boundaries for worksites, letting employees check in for work once they are within the boundary. With geofencing on Avanti Go, employees can check in at as many worksites as assigned, whether they have one worksite or travel where needed, improving time accuracy and employee management.

Any employees checking in and out on Avanti Go can be assigned to one or more worksites by a manager. If an employee is assigned to a worksite, their phone’s location settings must be on.


At the Worksite

Worksite areas have a virtual boundary around them to improve time accuracy. Using the Avanti Go app, employees can only clock in when they are in the fence. Checking in outside the worksite will result in an error message.


Other Check In/Out Avanti Go features, like clocking out and taking a break, will work as usual. Unlike clocking in, clocking out can happen anywhere.

Region Monitoring Notifications

If an employee leaves a worksite they are checked in at without checking out, a notification will remind them to check out. Region monitoring notifications are sent based on the location where an employee last checked in.

An employee can turn on region monitoring in the Avanti Go app settings.


Here’s a few things about region monitoring to note:

  • When an employee checks in around multiple assigned worksites, region monitoring notifications only apply to the first worksite they checked in at.

  • If an employee repeatedly enters and leaves a worksite, a forgot to check out notification will only send every 10 minutes.

To enable and set up geofencing capabilities, see Geofencing Setup Guide. For creating worksites and then assigning employees to them, go to Geofencing Worksites.

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