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Approving Time Cards

Time Cards match scheduled time against worked time. Worked time can be verified against scheduled time using time clock punches, or in the absence of time clocks the scheduled time can be reviewed and approved by the manager in charge.

The process for managers reviewing Time Cards involves the following three steps:

  1. Review the Time Cards.

  2. Adjust any incorrect Time Cards to fix incorrect Pay Codes, Times, etc.

  3. Approve the Time Cards to create Time Data from the Time Cards.

Adjusting scheduled time

When time flows into Time Cards from Schedules, the time may need to be adjusted by a manager. Adjustments might be needed if the employee punches in at a later date than scheduled, or the time clock punch is missing, for example.

Pay as Scheduled

If time clock punches are unavailable, paying the scheduled time can be done by using the Pay as Scheduled option:

  1. Right-click on the Time Card and from the menu select Pay as Scheduled.

  2. The Pay As Scheduled options will open:

    1. Pay the selected row as scheduled by pressing OK.

    2. Close the Pay As Scheduled option window by pressing Exit.

8 22 2018 10 31 53 AM

After running Pay As Scheduled the Time Cards worked time is copied from the scheduled time.

8 22 2018 10 37 41 AM

Approving Time Cards

When Time Cards are approved, the data flows from the Time Cards into Time Data. From Time Data the payroll administrator can apply rules (holidays, breaks, and overtime) and generate payroll data entry batches for the Time Data.

To approve Time Cards do the following:

  1. Select the Time Card(s) to approve.

  2. Press Approve.

  3. The Time Card approval options open:

    1. Approve the Time Card(s) by pressing OK.

    2. Press Exit.

8 22 2018 11 51 32 AM
8 22 2018 11 57 55 AM
1The status of the selected Time Cards changes to approved.

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