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Emergency Contacts Overview

With Emergency Contacts, employees can create a comprehensive list of who to contact during any emergencies that arise.

Emergency Contacts is readily accessible from within Personal Information. Employees have the flexibility to create multiple contacts, each with a home, work and cell phone number. The primary phone number indicates the number the contact is most likely to be reached at, and it’s always displayed.

Are you currently using an older version of Emergency Contacts? Learn about everything that’s changed in the Emergency Contacts Transition Guide.

Adding an Emergency Contact

Emergency contacts help ensure your safety and well-being in case of an emergency. It is important to have someone you trust and who knows how to handle emergencies, such as a family member or close friend, listed as your emergency contact.

Adding an emergency contact to your profile empowers you and your employer to be better prepared for unexpected situations. To create a new contact, select Add and provide all the necessary details, such as their name, phone number, and relationship to you.

Additional Information
The number that your contact is most likely to be reached at should be primary.

Keeping Emergency Contacts up to Date

Remember to keep your emergency contact information up-to-date and easily accessible, so they can be readily available when needed.

When you need to change the information about an Emergency Contact, select the three dots on the contact. Here, you can remove the contact or update any of the initial details you provided when creating the contact, including their name, relationship, and phone numbers.

Ready to Get Started?

Already using the Emergency Contacts on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and want to start using the latest version? Take a look at the Emergency Contacts Transition Guide to get set up.

If you’re not set up for Emergency Contacts but want to start using it, go to our Emergency Contacts Setup Guide.

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