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Sorting Reports

Within the Sort Order tab of the Report Definition you can define which columns to sort, how they should be sorted, and in what order to sort them.

  • Columns that are not listed in the Column Sort Order list will be unsorted, and will appear on the report in whatever order they happen to come in. Generally, it is good practice to sort by at least one column in each report.

  • Columns can be sorted with values in ascending, or descending order.

  • Columns listed in the Column Sort Order are listed in the order that sorting will be applied, with the columns at the top of the list sorted first.

  • Secondary sorted columns are sorted within the previous column order

    Here is an exmaple of a report with a secondary sorted column defined. Notice that first the data is sorted by location, then within each location grouping, the data is sorted again by position.

    7 18 2018 2 37 09 PM
    Figure 1. Example of a report with a secondary sorted column.
    1First the report is sorted by location,
    2then the report is sorted by position within each location.

Add Sorting to a Column

Choose which columns should be sorted in a report by adding them to the Column Sort Order list on the Sort Order tab.

7 18 2018 3 02 16 PM
1Press Insert.
2Select the column to sort from the Column drop-down.
3Choose how to sort the column data.
4Press OK to save the Sort Order
  • Sorts numeric data from smallest to largest values,

  • dates from past to future,

  • text data, like descriptions or names, alphabetically from a to Z.


Descending order is just the reverse of Ascending order.

Column Sort Order

If you want to change what order the columns are sorted in you can change the sort order of a column by moving it in the Column Sort Order list.

You can move a selected item up or down in the Column Sort Order list by pressing 7 18 2018 2 47 28 PM or 7 18 2018 2 47 48 PM, respectively.

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