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Forgot Password on ASSP Setup

Do you want employees to be able to reset their password when they cannot log in on the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP)? Add Forgot your Password on the login screen to allow your employees to reset their password after confirming their identity - all without manual intervention by your HR or Payroll team!

Additional Information
Forgot password is only available if your employees use Avanti Security. If your employees only use Microsoft Single Sign-On, you shouldn’t enable Forgot Password.

You must already have ASSP set up to send emails before you can enable reset passwords. Don’t have emails set up on ASSP? We’re here to help! Contact Client Care for assistance. 

How to Allow Users To Reset the Password

Step 1: Open Self-Service Portal Security Settings in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Web Services >> Installation and Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Enable Password Reset on the Password Reset tab. 

Step 3: Select Insert, then add the information the employee will enter to confirm their identity.

Additional Information
Select the magnifying glass to select the information the employee will enter. All information must match the information on the Employee’s Profile.
In Question, enter the text displayed when the employee resets their password. You should also enter a French Translation in French Question if you use French. 

Step 4: Open Administration Settings on ASSP and select Reload Setting.

Now, Forgot your Password appears when the ASSP English login and Mot de passe oublié will appear on the French login. Want to change this text? Go to Changing Forgot Password Message for more information.

Resetting a Password

Employees can now reset from the login screen in Avanti. Select Forgot your Password on the Avanti Login screen to reset the password.

Once selected, the following screen will allow the user to verify their identity. The information entered must match the information in the Employee Profile.

Once the employee’s identity is confirmed, we’ll email them a verification code. 

The user now enters the verification code in ASSP.

Additional Information
If the browser is closed during password reset, the employee must select Forgot your Password and start again.

After logging in, the user must create a new password. 

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