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Check out What's New in Avanti 10.06.02

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 10.06.02.

Position Roles to Position Codes

Administrators can now duplicate role permissions when creating a new position by copying an existing one. For more information about pasting position codes, visit Copying Roles to Position Codes.

Copy Employee’s Clock Enrollment

Allowing employees to punch on another clocks is quicker then ever. When you select new clocks in Employee Clock Data, you’ll have the option to copy the enrollment to all the other clocks.

This streamlines a previously manual process; previously, you’d have to to select Yes or No for each clock without an enrollment.

Disable Clock Cameras

Not using facial recognition with your Clocks? This update is for you! Turning your clock cameras on and off is simpler than ever before with the Camera On and Camera Off buttons in ASSP.

Cancel Added to Employee Health and Safety

A new Status is available in the employment health and safety. If you accidentally created an entry with incorrect information, just change the Status to Cancelled and create a new entry for the employee.

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