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Bill 2: Changes to General Holiday Pay and Banked Overtime


  • Holiday pay qualifying period changes to 30 work days in the last 12 months before a general holiday.
  • For employees with irregular schedules, and with doubt whether the general holiday falls on their normal work day, the general holiday is considered a normal work day if the employee worked the same day of the week as the general holiday at least 5 of the 9 weeks preceding the work week that the general holiday occurs.
  • Holiday pay calculations remains the same.

Changes to make in Avanti

  •  Go to Time & Attendance >> Installation & Maintenance >> Holiday Rules.
  •  Select Modify on your selected holiday rule
  •  Go to the Qualifications Tab
  •  Enter the new values in the 'Earning days rule' and 'Week Day Rule' sections as shown below


  • Overtime Banks: 1.5 Time to Straight Time: Instead of overtime pay, time off, calculated at 1.5 hours off for each hour of overtime, with pay, will be provided, taken and paid at the employee’s wage rate at a time that the employee could have worked and received wages from the employer.

Note that these Overtime Rules changes should be made AFTER approving time up to September 1st 2019 – but before approving time on or after September 1st, 2019.

Changes to make in Avanti

  • Go to Time & Attendance >> Installation & Maintenance >> Overtime Rules.
  • Select Modify on your selected overtime rule.
  • If your banked Overtime earning code is set to 1.5, you can either change the earning code set up to 1.0 or use a new code, if available, to bank at 1.0

1. Change current earning code set up and update name if necessary. To make these changes to your earning code please go to Canadian Payroll >>Employer Payroll Tables >> Earning Codes.

2. Or, you can add a new earning code to the banked overtime which is already set up to bank at 1.0

In order to pay out Banked-OT at the existing 1.5 rate, a formula-based earning code would be recommended:

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