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Available Leave and Time Off Requests on Avanti Go Overview

Put time off insights into your employees' pockets with Available leave and Time off requests on Avanti Go. Choose what to show, from how much time is available to an employee to the status of their time off requests. The choice is yours.

Your menu name will change with your choice. Want only Available leave to see how much time is available? Check out Available leave. Picking Time off requests for employees to see their availability requests? Want them to see everything? Find it all in Time off.


Available Leave

Available leave on Avanti Go is designed to work with the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP). It displays the same colours and icons for each type of Available leave the employee is entitled to.


You can create a message with any relevant information your employees need when they’re reviewing their available time off. This message also appears for Available leave on ASSP and to managers in Entitlements.


Time Off Requests

If you’re using time entry on ASSP to show availability, employees will see their availability requests on Avanti Go. All their availability requests display, not just those impacting their Available leave.


With templates, show off different types of availability requests. If your employees can view multiple availability time entry templates on ASSP, the same templates are on Avanti Go. Employees can select any of their templates to view their upcoming time.


Employees can tap on an entry to see more details about their particular requests. Managers can use templates to display different information; each template can display different information in an request entry. Select information like date, request type, status, and more to be viewed. With templates, make your request entries as simple or detailed as you like.


Ready to Get Started?

Check out the Available Leave and Time Off Requests on Avanti Go Setup Guide if you’re ready to start using this on Avanti Go.

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