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Balance Your Entitlements

As part of the year-end process, we recommend balancing your entitlements to ensure:

  • Each entitlement code matches the liabilities

  • Entitlements match liabilities when paying out the entitlement

  • There are no G/L discrepancies.

We have provided three reports as a final check to help you balance your entitlements. The import files for the reports can be found as links at the bottom of this article. Please download the files:

  • Leave Balances vs Rates

  • Leave Dollars/Units Accrued over time

  • Leave G/L Accrual Comparison

You can run these report each year during year-end. If you ran this report last year, skip to the Update the Leave Balances and Rate Report section below. If you haven’t run the report before, you can find an attachment at the bottom of this article. Please see the Import the Report section for more information.

Report Overview

Leave Balances and Rate - This is the ideal report to run prior to paying out your entitlements to ensure your liability will be correct. This report checks whether paying out the remaining entitlement at the employee’s current rate will match the remaining dollar amount on their entitlement.

Leave Dollars/Units Accrued Over Time - This will display the accrued dollars and units for each entitlement code, and includes details of the accrual for each employee. You can compare this to the total change in the liability over the year in your financial records to ensure accuracy.

Leave G/L Accrual Comparison - Provides the G/L history for leave entitlements. A list of the G/L accounts from the accrued leave. Compare these to ensure the total amount matches your financial records for the expected G/L accounts.

How to Import the Reports

If you’ve imported this report for a previous year-end, there’s no need to import it again. You can rerun this report every year.

Step 1: Open Report Definitions.
By default, this can be found in Report Designer.

Step 2: Select File, then Import in Report Definitions.

Step 3: Browse to the location the import file was saved. Select the file, then select Open

Step 4: Enter a Definition Name, then update the Report Title, if desired.

Step 5: Select OK to save the Report. Once OK is selected, the Definition Name cannot be modified. 

Step 6: Repeat Steps 2-5 for the other reports.

How to Update the Leave Balances and Rate Report

Once the report is imported, please update it with the entitlement codes you're paying out. You don’t need to include banked time in this report.

Step 1: Open Report Definitions if it’s not already open.
By default, this can be found in Report Designer.

Step 2: Select the imported Leave Balances and Rate Report, then select Modify.

Step 3: Select Column 5 to 8.

Step 4: Select the column beside Criteria in Column Settings, then select to open the criteria.

Step 5: Select each leave taken code, leave payout code, and leave accrued code on the Available column. This will move them to the Selected column.

Additional Information
You don’t need to include banked time in the entitlements selected.

Step 6: Ensure everything in the Selected column is a leave taken code, leave payout code and leave accrued code.

  • If any codes are not leave entitlement, select them to move them to the Available column.

Step 7: Once only leave entitlements are in the Selected column, select OK.