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Setting Employees up for the Self-Service Portal

Employees must be setup with an Avanti User before accessing the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

Create New Avanti User

  1. Open System Administration > System Access Controls > Avanti Users

  2. Add a new Avanti User by pressing Insert.
    This will open a form where the settings of the new Avanti User can be entered.

Basic Setup

  1. Enter the User ID for the new Avanti User.

    The User ID will be used by the employee to sign-in to the Avanti Self-Service Portal.
  2. Activate the Avanti User by enabling the Active option.

  3. From the User Class drop-down select Employee Self Service.

  4. Enter and confirm the password for the user in the Password and Confirm Password fields


    The employee must enter the password when they sign-in to the Avanti Self-Service Portal. If a password is not set on the Avanti User then the employee will be required to reset the password on ASSP before they can sign-in.

  5. Change the Auto Logout Time accordingly.

    Figure 1. Auto Logout Time will logout the user after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Group Membership Setup

Group Membership enables the Avanti User to be added to selected User Groups. An Employee user must be a member of the WebUsers User Group to access ASSP. By default new Avanti Users will not start with any Group Memberships selected, so the WebUsers membership must be added for all new employee users that are manually created.

  1. Select the Group Memberships tab from the bottom of the window.

  2. Add the WebUser group membership by moving it to the Selected column.

    Figure 2. WebUsers is added to the Avanti User from Group Memberships
    You can quickly move an item between lists in Group Memberships by double-clicking on the item, or by using the buttons in the center.

Company Settings allow an Avanti User to be linked to a employee. An Employee user must be linked with an employee profile in order to access the ASSP.

  1. Select the Company Settings tab from the bottom of the window.

  2. Select the employee to link from the Employee Number drop-down.

    Figure 3. Avanti User is linked with an employee from Company Settings

Save Employee Profile

  1. Save the Employee Avanti User by pressing OK.

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