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Check out What's New in Avanti 24.2.1

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 24.2.1.

Avanti Go

Check out everything new in our mobile app, Avanti Go. Not using Avanti Go yet? Check out the Avanti Go Setup Guide to learn more.

Pay on Avanti Go

Take your employees’ guesswork out of Pay Statements with our new Pay. Here, employees can see a summary of their past pay, along with their next payday. If they need more info, they can select More to get all the details of their earnings, benefits, and deductions.

If you’ve already set up Pay Statements to display details on Avanti Go, your employees are already set up with Pay. If not, go to Avanti Go Setup Guide to get started.


New Avanti Go Menu

Your employees can find what they’re looking for faster with the redesigned Avanti Go menu. Now, Profile and Settings are right in the menu.

We’ve also updated the default menu, removing the Time Management section and renaming Web Punch and Web Punch (With Breaks) to Check in/out and Check in/out (with breaks).


Notifications on Avanti Go

Employees can stay in the know easier. Notifications can now be accessed from more places within Avanti Go, including the Profile and Pay.


More French Descriptions Available

We’re making changes to support more French throughout Avanti. You can prepare by adding the French Descriptions for more Human Resources Codes.

For now, these aren’t supported when adding employee information on the Avanti Self-Service Portal or the Avanti Desktop.

Performance Codes & Appraisal Codes

  • Offence Codes

  • Discipline Action Codes

  • Grievance Codes

  • Grievance Status Codes

  • Union Agreement Codes

  • Appraisal Setup

  • Performance Rating Codes

  • Performance Action Codes

  • Award Codes

Employment Equity Codes

  • Visible Minority Codes

  • Disability Codes

  • Occupational Codes

Health & Safety Codes

  • Source Codes

  • Task/Activity Codes

  • Type Codes

  • Class Codes

  • Dept/Div Codes

  • Contributing Factor Codes

  • Site Codes

  • Equipment Codes

  • Diagnosis Codes

  • Injury Codes

  • Body Location Codes

  • Project Codes

Personal Information Codes

  • Relationship Codes

  • Employment Reason Codes

Interested in learning more about French in Avanti? Go to French in Avanti for all the details.

V42 Added for Formulas

You can now include the yearly additional maximum pensionable earnings, including the enhanced CPP/QPP earnings, in your formulas throughout Avanti.

Move to the Avanti Cloud Client

If everyone isn’t already using the Avanti Cloud Client to access the Avanti Desktop, they’ll want to start before the evening of April 3, 2024, with the 24.4.1 update. After this, the RDP access will no longer be available.

You’ll know you’re using the Avanti Cloud Client if you see this before logging into the Avanti Desktop.


Not using the Cloud Client yet? Check out Downloading the Avanti Cloud Client to learn more.

Use Strict Gateway Connection on the Cloud Client

If no one at your organization can connect to the Avanti Cloud Client on a particular network due to routing or firewall rules, try selecting Use Strict Gateway Connection. This Cloud Client Option may alleviate this issue by directing requests through a Remote Desktop Gateway rather than relying on direct connections.

You should keep this option deselected when:

  • You can connect to the Cloud Client

  • You cannot connect to the Cloud Client, but some of your colleagues on the same network can.


Federal TD1 Updated

The republished Federal TD1s are now available in Avanti when employees access them on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and Onboarding.

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