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Create Employee Schedules using Templates

Using a Schedule Template for an employee allows you to build schedules in seconds. Schedule Templates really shine when they're rolled forwards and backwards, quickly creating your employees' schedules for a date range, such as a month. 

Each employee is assigned one Schedule Template, which you can use to create a predetermined schedule for your employees. For more information on changing the template, go to Schedules: Templates.

Schedule from template

You can create employee schedules from templates by either:

  • Rolling schedules forward. 

  • Selecting the days to schedule selecting paste from template.

Rolling a schedule forward

Rolling a schedule forwards allows the Schedule Template to be reused for future scheduled days, without having to fill in the schedule again.

Changes can be made to the schedule for the employee after it has been rolled forward. If a shift needs to be replaced or changed, it could be updated afterwards instead of creating the schedule from scratch.

To roll the schedule forward:

  1. Press Roll Fwd.

    1. Enter the Start Date, and the End Date.

    2. Select the Existing entries option (determines how to handle days which are already scheduled when rolling forward).

  2. Press OK to roll the schedule forward to the End Date selected.

Start Date

The start date must be after the current Roll Forward End Date. This is only available if you're rolling the schedule forward from Schedules (By Employee). 

End Date

The End Date will be the last scheduled day after rolling forward the schedule.

Existing entries options

This option determines what will happen when already scheduled days are encountered.


The End Date will default to the ending date of the selected Date Range, and the Start Date will default to the Roll Forward End Date.

8 22 2018 8 16 33 AM
Example: Rolling a schedule forward
8 21 2018 3 18 18 PM
8 21 2018 3 20 19 PM
Figure 1. After rolling the schedule forwards the days are automatically populate from the schedule template up to the End Date.

Schedule days from the Schedule Template

Instead of rolling the entire schedule forwards and filling in every day with a scheduled shift from the template, the exact days that should be scheduled can be filled by using the copy and paste functionality of the calendar to paste scheduled shifts directly from the Schedule Template. (A part-time employee schedule could be built quickly this way, for example.)

To use the copy and paste functionality of the calendar:

  1. Select the day(s) to be scheduled.

  2. Right-click on the selected day(s).

  3. Select Paste From Template.

8 21 2018 2 31 33 PM

The selected days will be filled in from the corresponding days of the Schedule Template.

8 21 2018 2 37 34 PM

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