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Messages Transition Guide

Are you using Messages on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and want to move to the latest version? Here, you’ll learn about what’s changed and how you can communicate with your employees better.

If you aren’t using messages yet, go to the Messages Overview to learn more!

How to Confirm Whether You’re Using Messages

Confirming whether you’re using the older Messages only takes a moment; you just need to take a quick look at ASSP.

You know you’re using the older Messages if you see the Compose Message above the inbox.

Differences between Messages

Once you move to the new Messages, you’ll notice some improvements to:

Employee Messages

We’ve revamped who employees can message. If you’ve set up employees only to message payroll administrators, they can only reply and create new messages to the payroll administrators.

Otherwise, employees can send messages to payroll administrators and reply to messages from anyone in a position they report to.

For more information about changing the selection for messaging payroll administrators or adjusting who receives those messages, check out the Messages Setup Guide.

Easier Navigation

We’ve made it easier to find what you’re looking for quickly! You can now show only new messages in your inbox, select the number of messages you’d like to see on the screen and search.

Deleting Messages

Are you tired of old messages cluttering up your inbox? We’ve made it easier to keep messages tidy with the ability to select multiple messages for deletion.