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Premiums and Differentials: Shift Premiums

Shift premiums are earnings paid in addition to the regular rate for an employee for working a particular shift—like night-shift premiums, or working-alone premiums.

Night-shift Premium Rule

This guide will cover how to create a Premium Rule for a night-shift premium that will pay 5% of the employee’s regular rate-of-pay.

At the end, the process to attach the Premium Rule to a Shift Code will be discussed.

Premium Rule

Create a Premium Rule for the night-shift premium earnings from Time & Attendance. This Premium Rule will be setup to pay 5% in addition for the eligible earnings.

  1. Create a new Premium Rule for the night-shift premium:

    1. Open Time & Attendance > Installation & Maintenance > Premium Rule.

    2. Press Insert to add a new Premium Rule.

  2. Setup the Details tab of the Premium Rule (see Premium Rules).

  3. Enable the Eligible Earn Codes (see Eligible Earnings).

  4. Save the new Premium Rule by pressing OK.

Premium Rules
8 31 2018 10 58 51 AM
1Enter the Premium Rule Id and a Description for the Premium Rule.
2Setup the Interval, Threshold, and what days the premium rule will apply.
  • For the example a daily interval is used with a maximum paid time of 8 hours, applicable on any day of the week.

3The Rate Option can be set to None or Percent Of Rate.
  • Using Percent of Rate allows the Earning Code rate to be overridden with the Premium Percent entered below. (This effectively will override the % of Basic value of the Earning Code).

4Select the Earning Code to pay the premium earnings under.
Eligible Earnings
8 31 2018 11 14 51 AM
1Select the Earning Codes that will earn the premium earnings.

Shift Premium

Premiums can be attached to Shift Codes and will apply automatically when an employee is scheduled a shift using that code.


Premiums that are attached to a shift can optionally be restricted to a period of time in the day. Only premiums attached to shifts can be restricted in this manner.

  1. Open Time & Attendance > Installation & Maintenance > Shifts.

  2. Double-click on a shift and the shift settings will open.

Add a new premium to the shift

  1. Open the Shift Premiums tab.

  2. Add a new premium by pressing Insert.

  3. Setup the shift premium (see Shift Premium).

  4. Save the changes to the shift by pressing OK.

Shift Premium
8 31 2018 11 30 06 AM
1Select the Premium Rule to insert.
2Optionally, enter the time of day when the premium will apply. Any hours worked outside of this period of time will not earn the premium.
3Add the Premium Rule to the shift by pressing OK.

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