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Generate T2200 Form

This is last year's information, but your 2021 tax slips will follow a similar process. Check back in January for more info!

Generate T2200 Form creates a fillable or non-fillable T2200 PDF for your employees. For more information on eligible employment expenses, go to the CRA’s guide.

Additional Information
T2200s are not displayed on ASSP and aren’t sent via email tax slips. Please use an alternative method to provide your T2200s to your employees.

An English T2200 will be created for employees that have English selected for Language on the Personal section of the Employee Profile; a French form will be created if French is selected for Language.

Do you want to create T2200S instead? Go to Generate T2200S - Working at Home Due to COVID-19 for more information.

How to Complete The Form Defaults

Step 1: Open Generate T2200 Form.
By default, this can be found in Tax Slip Processing.

Step 2: Select the location you’d like to save the T2200s.

Step 3: Select Include Employee Name in File Name. 

  • If selected, the T2200 will be Tax Year-Form Name- Employee Last Name First Name Initial-Employee Number.PDF.

  • If deselected, the T2200 will be Tax Year-Form Name-Employee Number.PDF.

Step 4: If you want to make changes to your T2200 after they’re saved, select Generate as a Fillable PDF. 

How to Complete the Employer Declaration on Your T2200

A signature is required on your T2200. If you’d like to include an electronic signature, please upload an image and save it on your computer. The image must have a transparent background.

Step 1: Select 2020 in Tax Year if it's not selected.

Step 2: Ensure the following are correct and update if inaccurate

  • Employer Name

  • Authorized Person Name

  • Phone Number

  • Phone Number Extension

Step 3: Adjust the form’s Date, if necessary.

Step 4: Determine if you’d like an image of your signature to populate the tax slips, if it isn’t already uploaded.

  • If not, skip to the How To Restrict Which Employees Get a T2200 section.

Step 5: Navigate to the location you saved your signature and select the file.

Additional Information 
If you don’t see the signature file, ensure you have the correct file type selected. 

Step 6: Select Open.

Additional Information 
Your signature will display to provide a preview of how the image will appear on the form.

How to Restrict Which Employees Get a T2200

You can create employee filters to restrict which employees will get a T2200. Only employees who match a selection in each of these filters will have a T2200 generated.

You can also create filters based on any of the Employee Profile selections. For more information, skip to How To Use Data Filters. If you want to create T2200s for all your employees, skip to the How To Complete Part B Of Your T2200s section below.

Step 1: Select the filter from one of the following options:

  • Employee: Filter by selecting the employees. Only employees that match the other filters you’ve created are available for selection here.

  • Positions: Filter employees by their primary position.

  • Locations: Filter employees by their location.

  • Work Group: Filter employees by their work group.

  • Pay Group: Filter employees by their pay group.

  • Job Status: Filter employees by their job status.

  • Additional Employee Fields: Filter employees by the additional fields defined on the Profile Field Names tab in Payroll Parameters

  • G/L Segments: Filter employees by their G/L Account segments.

    • To include employees that Group selected for their G/L Option, select the blank segment.

    • To exclude employees that Group selected for their G/L Option, deselect the blank segment.

Step 2: Select all the options that employees can match to have their T2200 created.

Additional Information
T2200s will only be created for employees with one of the selected options. 

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for each employee filter you’d like to create.

Additional Information
If you create multiple filters, employees must match a selected option for each filter to generate their T2200. 

How to Use Data Filters to Restrict Which Employees Get a T2200

If you want to prevent T2200s from being created for some of your employees, you can create data filters. Only employees that meet the filter criteria will have T2200s created.

A T2200 will be created if:

  • They meet the employee filters

  • They meet the filter criteria

If you want to create T2200s for all your employees, skip to the How To Complete Your T2200s section below.

Step 1: Select the Data Filter tab.