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Are you looking for an automation that isn’t available in workflow templates? Here you’ll find frequently requested workflows that can be imported. They only need a few minor adjustments after you import, like updating who receives notifications. Check out Importing a Workflow for more information.

SIN Expiry Notification
Get notified before your employee’s SIN expires.

SIN Expiry Notification

Give your team and employees plenty of notice before an employee’s SIN expires with a notification 30 days before an employee’s SIN expires. If the SIN expiry isn’t updated, a notification will also go out the day the SIN expires.

Just download SIN Expiry Reminder.xml, which can be found at the bottom of the article, and follow the steps in Importing a Workflow to:

  1. Create the workflow.

  2. Update who gets notified.

  3. Remove the Send Notification to Employee, if you don’t want your employee getting notified automatically.

Workflow Import Files

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