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Adjust Daylight Savings Time

If you have employees that work evenings or nights, you may want to adjust when daylight savings time will affect the time on the time clocks.

By default, daylight savings time will adjust the time at 2:00 AM, which could result in employees not being paid correctly.

Adjusting Daylight Savings Time will require the clock to reboot. While the clock reboots, employees will not be able to punch on the clock for up to five minutes.

Additional Information
This is only applicable for Cloud Clients using the Avanti Clock Connect.

For Example

If you have employees that work overnight and will be done at 3:00 AM, you may want to change the daylight savings time to 4:00 AM, so the out punches will not be affected by the time change on the clock.

Important Information
This will only affect time zones of provinces that use daylight savings time.

Step 1: Open Maintain Clocks on the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

Step 2: Select the clock in Clock ID.

Step 3: Adjust the Hours under Daylight Saving Time Start, if required.

Step 4: Adjust the Hours under Daylight Saving Time End, if required.

Step 5: Select Save Changes.