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Clock Connect Overview

With Clock Connect, you stay connected to your time clocks in real time. Clock Connect:

  • Works seamlessly with our full product suite

  • Built with enhanced security and data encryption

  • Supports modern clocks

  • Maintain clocks right on the Avanti Self-Service Portal

Clock Connect Highlights

Clock Connect powers communication with a physical device for employees to clock in and out.

Secure: Information flows between the clocks and Avanti fully encrypted over the web using SSL (HTTPS). Avanti doesn’t access your network to communicate with the clocks.

Real-Time Information: Employee clock punches and employees added to clock transfer into Avanti immediately. Changes made in Avanti get sent to the clock within 30 seconds, so your clocks and Avanti are always aligned.

Modern Clocks: Uface 800 clocks use the latest biometric clocks, supporting fingerprint and facial recognition, along with swipe card and password verification.

Using Clock Connect

You can add, update or remove employees on the clocks from the Avanti Desktop. If you’re looking to maintain or troubleshoot a clock, you can do this from Clock Connect on ASSP.

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