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Clock Connect Overview

With Clock Connect, you stay connected to your time clocks in real-time.

Clock Connect:

  • Works seamlessly with our full cloud-based product suite

  • Built with enhanced security and data encryption

  • Supports modern clocks

  • Maintain clocks right on the Avanti Self-Service Portal

Want to start using Clock Connect? Email to contact your Client Success Manager at Avanti. They’ll confirm your clocks are compatible and help get you set up with everything you’ll need.

Important Information
Clock Connect is only available for Cloud Clients. If you’re unsure whether you’re a Cloud Client, please reach out to your Client Success Manager,

Real-Time Information

As soon as there’s a change to a clock, Avanti updates immediately. This includes:

  • Employees clock in and out - so your Time Cards always have the latest information.

  • New employees enrolled on the clock.

Made a change to your clocks in Avanti? It gets sent to the clock within 30 seconds, so your clocks and Avanti are always aligned.

Clock Connect vs Clock Service

You might be wondering, why use Clock Connect? Both Clock Connect and Clock Service power communication with a physical device for employees to clock in and out.

Clock Connect

Clock Service

Information flows between the clocks and Avanti fully encrypted over the web using SSL (HTTPS).

Avanti doesn’t access your network to communicate with the clocks.

Information flows across your network, so its security is dependent on your network’s security.

Employee clock punches transfer into Avanti immediately.

Employee clock punches transfer into Avanti periodically, typically once every five minutes.

Employees added to a clock transfer into Avanti immediately.

Employees added to a clock transfer into Avanti periodically, typically once a day.

Streamlined changes in Avanti - once you make a change, it flows automatically to the clocks within 30 seconds.

Changes in Avanti may involve extra steps or delays while Avanti confirms the clock updates successfully.

Support the latest biometric clocks:

  • uFace 800

Supports a variety of clocks:

  • uFace 800

  • iFace 800 (Obsolete)

  • Hand Punch 3000/4000 (Obsolete)

Transitioning to Clock Connect

If you’d like to get started using Clock Connect, contact your Client Success Manager, They’ll:

  • Confirm your clocks are compatible and order clocks, if necessary.

  • Provide you with option for leasing a clock.

  • Connect you with an Avanti Resource to:

    • Setup Clock Connect.

    • Walk you through adjusting the clocks to use Clock Connect; you’ll need someone at the clocks to make the changes.

    • Ensure employee punches are populating Avanti.

Additional Information
If you’re currently using uFace 800 clocks, your clocks are already compatible with Clock Connect.

Using Clock Connect

Once you switch to Clock Connect, you’ll update all your clocks on ASSP, using Clock Connect in Administration.

Need to add, update or remove employees on the clocks? You’ll continue to do this right from the Avanti Desktop, like you’re used to doing with the Clock Service.

Are you using Clock Connect and want to learn more? Check out these helpful articles to get started.

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