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Employee Full Time Equivalency (FTE)

The Full Time Equivalency (FTE) of an employee can be set from the Employee Profile. FTE can be used to reduce the salary of an employee; for example if they only work 4 out of the normal 5 days they might have an FTE of 0.8 and receive a reduced salary as a consequence.

Employee FTE

The employee FTE can be set on the Employee Profile of the employee.

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Employee Profile > Employee Profile.

  2. Update the FTE (see Full Time Equivalency (FTE) value).

Full Time Equivalency (FTE) value
8 31 2018 1 30 46 PM
1Select the employee.
2Open the Employment Data tab.
3Update the FTE value accordingly.
Reduce Salary

In order for the FTE to have any effect on the salary of the employee an option must be enabled in Payroll Parameters.

  1. Open Installation & Maintenance > Payroll Parameters > Payroll Parameters.

  2. Open the Options > Processing tab.

    1. Enable Adjust salary earnings by FTE factor.

8 31 2018 1 21 31 PM
1Enable Adjust salary earnings by FTE factor if the FTE should effect the salary for an employee. The service hours will also scale accordingly with the FTE.

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