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Schedule Pooling Overview

Schedule Pooling empowers employees to manage their own schedules, reducing the time your managers spend adjusting employees' schedules.

Schedule Pooling shows all the available schedules up for grabs for other employees. It allows:

  • Hourly employees to view, post, exchange, or pickup schedules.

  • Managers to view, approve and reject pooling requests.

  • Both managers and employees to comment on posts.

During setup, you can choose whether employees will know the identity of the employee submitting the request. Managers can always view the employee’s name and number when doing their approvals.

Want to start using Schedule Pooling? Visit the Setup Guide for more details.

Schedule Pooling Terminology

Post: An employee’s request for another employee to cover their schedule. Before a posting appears in the pool, it may need to be approved by a manager.

Pool: The collection of all schedules that employees have posted. Employees will only see the schedules they can work. Each posting remains in the pool until a manager approves a request to work the shift.

Exchange: An employee’s offer to work a posted schedule in exchange for the posting employee to work one of their schedules. Before the exchange is completed, a manager must approve the exchange.

Pickup: An employee’s offer to work a posted schedule. A manager must approve the request before the pickup is completed.

Schedule Pooling for Managers

With Schedule Pooling, managers can:

  • Approve or reject posting, pickup, and exchange requests.

  • Be notified about new employee requests. Managers can turn these messages on/off. To read more about notifications, go to Schedule Pooling Notifications for Managers.

    • Are notified when a new shift is added to the pool.

    • When any exchanges or pickups require approval.

  • Comments on employee’s posts.

Managers can access Schedule Pooling from the Avanti Self-Service Portal and the Avanti Desktop.

Schedule Pooling for Employees

With Schedule Pooling, employees can:

  • Post their schedules, pickup other employee’s schedules, or exchange schedules with another employee.

  • Get notifications about all things schedule pooling. Employees have the autonomy to turn on/off these notifications. Go to Schedule Pooling Notifications for Employees to read more. Employees can get notifications when:

    • New schedules are available for pickup or exchange.

    • Their schedules are approved, rejected, picked up, exchanged, or about to expire.

    • Someone comments on their post.

  • Comment on their own posts and on the posts of others.

Employees can access Schedule Pooling from the Avanti Self-Service Portal and the Avanti Go.

How to Learn More

Not sure how to set up Schedule Pooling? Are you using Schedule Pooling and want to learn more? Check out these helpful articles to get started.

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