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Validate Your Tax Slips

This is last year's information, but your 2021 tax slips will follow a similar process. Check back in January for more info!

Once you’ve finished adjusting your employee tax slips, you must validate them before generating the transmission file or saving.

During validation, Avanti will check for:

  • Missing or negative amounts

  • Missing information

  • Invalid information

Any issues will display in the results. Errors will be red, and you must adjust these before moving on to the next step in the tax slip process. The warnings will be blue and can be updated if desired. 

Step 1: Open Validate Tax Slip Data in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Tax Slip Processing.

Step 2: Select 2020 in Tax Year, if it’s not selected.  

Step 3: Select the Tax Slip Group you wish to validate.

Additional Information
You can validate for all your tax slip groups, but it may take a couple of moments to finish.

Step 4: Select OK to start the validation. The Results will display any errors and warnings identified.

  • Errors, which appear in red, must be fixed before creating and saving the transmission file.

  • Warnings that appear in blue, should be addressed, but action isn't required.

Additional Information
Once the validation is complete, we recommend printing or saving the results for future reference.