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Time Flow Reversed: From Payroll to Schedules

After time has been approved and flows from one component of Time and Attendance into the next it becomes locked. In order to make changes to the time data at a previous level, it must first be unapproved at the higher levels.

The flow of time reversed

reverse time flow
1Payroll Data batches must be removed before Time Data can be changed or unapproved.
2Time Data must be withdrawn before Time Cards can be changed.
3Time Cards must be unapproved before Schedules can be changed.

Payroll Data batch

Any Payroll Data Batches that have been generated from Time Data must be removed before any changes can be made to the Time Data.

In a batch?

Easily see which Time Data is already in a Payroll Data batch from Time and Attendance, by looking at the In a batch row on the Time Data.

batched Time Data
  1. Open Time & Attendance > Time Data > Payroll Data Entry.

  2. Set the status of the Time Data batch to Incomplete.

  3. Remove the batch:

    1. Press Delete.

    2. Press OK on window that pops up.

Time Data not in a batch
1When Time Data is not in a batch it can be withdrawn.

Time Data

Before changes can be made to the Time Cards, the Time Data must be withdrawn within Maintain Time Data.

  1. Open Time & Attendance > Time Data > Maintain Time Data.

  2. Select the Time Data to withdraw:

    1. Enable Employee Filters.

    2. Select the time period of the Time Data.

  3. Press Withdraw.

  4. The Approved row of the Time Data tab will be cleared. Time Data is withdrawn.

Time Card

Time Cards must be unapproved before changes to the Schedule can be made.

  1. Open Time & Attendance > Time Cards > Time Cards (By Employee).

  2. Select the Time Cards to unapproved.

  3. Press Unapprove.

8 27 2018 2 15 02 PM
Figure 1. Selected Time Cards being unapproved.
8 27 2018 2 15 16 PM
Figure 2. The status of unapproved Time Cards updates accordingly.


Schedule entries must be unapproved before they can be changed.

  1. Open Time & Attendance > Time Scheduling > Schedules (By Employee).

  2. Select the Schedule entries to unapprove.

  3. Unapprove the selected entries:

    1. Press Unapprove.

    2. Press Yes on the popup window.

8 27 2018 2 30 02 PM
Figure 3. Schedules are unapproved.
Figure 4. The approved icon on the schedules is removed.

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