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Assign from Requirement Schedule in Schedule Approval - (ASSP)

As a Scheduling Manager or Administrator who uses requirement schedules to create employee schedules, you can now assign schedule requirements to employees in Schedule Approval on the Avanti Self-Service Portal.


Additional Information
Requirements Schedule is a powerful tool that can help ensure you have employees scheduled for each necessary position. For example, if your establishment cannot run without at least one lifeguard on duty, you can use Requirements Schedule to ensure that you always have at least one lifeguard on duty at all times.

Want more information about how to do this on the Avanti Desktop? Go to Assign from Requirement Schedule in Schedules By Group - (Avanti Desktop). 

How to Select the Employee and Requirements

Step 1: Open Schedule Approval in the Avanti Self-Service Portal.
By default, this can be found in Time Entry Approval.


Step 2: Select the correct Date Range for the current scheduling period, then select Refresh.


Step 3: Select the days you would like to schedule for the employee.

Additional Information
You can only create schedules from a requirement for one employee at a time.


Step 4: Right-click and select Assign From Requirements. 


Step 5: All requirement entries you can assign to the selected employee will display on the Requirements tab. Select the shifts you want the employee to work, then select Next.

How to Update Schedule Details

The Confirmation tab allows you to update select details on the employee schedule. If you do not make new selections here, the information from the Requirement Schedule will populate the employee’s schedule.

Step 1: Select a Pay Code to replace the code from the Requirement Schedule.

Step 2: Select a Shift to replace the shift from the Requirement Schedule.

Step 3: Select an Attendance Code to replace the code from the Requirement Schedule.

Step 4: Enter any additional information that should populate the employee’s schedule in Comments.

Additional Information
The comments entered here will appear on the employee’s schedule beneath any comments from the requirement schedule.

Step 5: Select an action to occur if a selected requirement schedule overlaps with the employee’s schedule from the following options:

  • Skip Assign/Re-Assign for entry leaves the employee’s schedule as is and won’t create the schedule from the requirement.

  • Replace existing entries deletes the employee’s existing schedule and replaces it with the schedule from the requirements. 

  • Cancel existing and append new entries cancels the employee’s current schedule and creates the schedule from the requirements. 

Additional Information
Deleting a schedule will permanently remove the entry. Cancelling an entry will allow you to review the entries at a later date, but will not create time cards.

Step 6: Select Assign Shift. 

Additional Information
Changing the Shift will not update the from/to time on the schedule entry. The from/to times on the Requirement Schedule will be used for the employee’s schedule.

Nice job! The requirement schedule(s) have been assigned to the employee(s).

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