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Ensure all Employee Addresses and Social Insurance Numbers are Up-To-Date

Prior to creating tax slips, we recommend confirming employee addresses and social insurance numbers are accurate.

How to Confirm Employee Address

If you are printing and mailing your employee’s tax slips, you’ll want to confirm that their home address is correct. We recommend emailing them before sending their tax slips to confirm the address of any employees that may have moved.

How to Confirm Your Employee’s SIN

To ensure your employee’s SIN is up-to-date and identify any temporary SINs that have expired, we recommend running the Employee/SIN Cross-Ref Report. This report identifies any employees with duplicates and displays the expiry date of temporary SINs.

Employee/SIN Cross-Ref Report Overview

The Employee/SIN Cross-Ref Report will print in order by SIN, so any employees that don’t have a SIN in Avanti will display the beginning of the report, with a SIN of 000 000 000.

If an employee has the same SIN as another employee in Avanti, the report will display *SIN IS A DUPLICATE beside the employee’s number.

Employees with temporary SINs will display at the end of the report, with their SIN Expiry. You can use this to confirm that all your employees' SINs are still in effect.

How To Run the Employee/SIN Cross-Ref Report

Step 1: Open Employee/SIN Cross-Ref Report in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Employee Profile.

Step 2: Ensure all Pay Groups are selected.

Step 3: Select Print Active Employees.

Step 4: You may wish to select Print Inactive Employees, to review the SINs of your inactive employees.

Step 5: On the Printer Setup tab, select Printer.

Step 6: Select Print Preview.

Once your report is created, review the report to confirm that:

  • There are no employees with SIN 000 000 000.

  • There are no duplicate SINs.

  • All temporary SINs have an expiry in the future.

    Additional Information
    If you’ve included inactive employees, you do not need to update expired SINs for employees that are no longer being processed.