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Personal Information Overview

Empower employees and managers with comprehensive access to relevant data, and allow them to make updates as things change with the flexibility you need. During setup, you can adjust access so only those who need to can view and update each section.

Some Personal Information features, such as Additional Information, provide even more flexibility and have dedicated overview and setup guides—you’ll find the links below.

Basic Information
You’ll want to know all those pieces of critical information, including birthday, marital status, SIN, and language.

Help keep your employees' home addresses up-to-date for when you need to mail or ship them something. Keeping these current is essential since it also populates your employee’s tax slips.

Phone Numbers
Employees’ phone numbers are at your fingertips. Here, employees can have up to four phone numbers.

Employees can have up to five different emails, some of which we’ll use when sending emails on your behalf, such as emailing Pay Statements and Tax Slips.

Additional Information
Get visibility and access to update employee information specific to your organization. Go to the Additional Information Overview for everything you need to know.

Banking Info
Are you using direct deposit to pay your employees? Banking Info allows employees to view up to 3 bank accounts where their pay is deposited. Employees can only view their own info, and regular users can view the banking info for others; managers cannot view other employee’s banking information. Go to the Banking Information Overview to learn more.

Emergency Contacts 
There’s no need to panic in case of an emergency; with Emergency Contacts, you’ll know who to contact and which phone number to call. Go to the Emergency Contacts Overview for all the details.

With Dependents, you can allow employees and managers to view the eligible dependents for benefits and beneficiaries of your company’s insurance policies. Go to the Dependents Overview to learn more.

Manager and Regular Employee Access

Looking to view other employees’ Personal Information? Selecting Profile on the Employee Directory brings managers and regular users to the employee’s details.

From there, they can view and update any information based on access granted during setup. Go to the Personal Information Setup Guide for more information.

Basic Information

Basic Information offers a seamless interface for inputting and modifying crucial details that help employees get paid correctly and align benefits. You’ll want to ensure these remain up-to-date as your employees’ lives transform, such as when someone gets married.

Given Name and Surname: These should always match the employee’s legal name; it’ll populate official documents, such as tax slips. These can be updated when you select Edit, even though they don’t display within Basic Information.

Preferred Name: Since the employee’s given name should always be their legal name, Preferred Name allows you to include what the employee prefers to be called, such as a nickname.

Birth Date, Gender, and Marital Status: Depending on your provider and benefit plan, these may impact your benefits. Birthdate is also used to determine your Canada Pension Plan eligibility.

Language: Select your chosen language from English or French. If the organization is set up for French, selecting French will adjust the language of your emailed Pay Statements and ROEs.

Social Insurance Numbers: To protect sensitive information, Social Insurance Number (SIN) is concealed from view, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or potential misuse. You can reveal the SIN whenever you wish by simply selecting the eye.

To enhance security, SIN access can be restricted. For more information visit Restricting Access to SIN.


Address empowers you to effortlessly input and edit essential details like your Street, City, Province, Country, and Postal Code, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

Phone Numbers

Keep in contact easier with Phone Numbers; here, you can have up to four different numbers for an employee.


Each employee can have several emails for different purposes; you can use the same email address for as many purposes as you want.

Work and Home: These are for information purposes only; emails automatically sent by Avanti won’t go to these addresses.

Pay Statement and Tax Slips: Statements and tax slips are emailed to this address when they’re sent automatically from within Avanti.

Alerts: Emails from workflow notifications are sent to this address.

Adding and Updating Emails

When you’re editing Emails, you’ll notice there’s a Primary Email. If you don’t select an email type to go to another address, they’ll go to this Primary Email. If you’re using multiple addresses, you’ll only need to specify which emails should go to an address other than the Primary Email.

For example, if the Primary Email is the corporate email address, but you want Pay Statements and Tax Slips to go to the employee’s new personal email, you can add the personal email address. Then in Used For, you select Home, Pay Statements and Tax Slips.

Ready to get Started?

Already using Personal Information on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and want to start using the latest version? Take a look at the Personal Information Transition Guide to get set up.

If you’re not set up for Personal Information but want to start using it, go to our Personal Information Setup Guide.


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