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Employment Verification Letter - Set Up

Employees can create an Employment Verification Letter at a click of a button without any HR involvement! A letter of employment can be requested on the Avant Self-Service Portal, which is automatically created and populates with the employee’s current information.

For a nominal fee, we can help set up your employment verification letter. Modifying the Employment Verification Letter in Avanti is easy and allows you to tailor the Avanti template with your logo, company information, and text.   

Do you already have the Employment Verification Letter Setup and are looking to make changes? Go to Employment Verification Letter - Modify for more information.

Some important things to note before starting: 

  • If you've any questions about this process, please contact your Account Manager; they can help guide you through any questions. 

  • Avanti has provided a list of information you can include in the letter to help you save time. Please use these to populate your letter automatically! 

  • While this letter won’t generate for inactivated employees, we recommend removing terminated employee access to the document type or company documents, so it won’t be visible to terminated employees.

  • To update the letter template PDF, you'll need access to a PDF editing program.

How To Update the Letter Template PDF

You can think of the Letter Template PDF as the letterhead; here, you can add the letters background, company address, and any additional images.

To get started, you’ll use the Letter Template PDF provided by Avanti, then update it to meet your company needs. The template is attached and can be found as a link at the bottom of the article.

You're free to tailor the header and the footer within the blue lines. To edit the PDF, you'll need access to a PDF editing program. 

Once the template is downloaded, you can:

  • Replace the Avanti logo in the header with your company logo.

  • Add your business address to the header.

  • Personalize the footer with your HR Manager’s name and digital signature.

Important Information
Do not modify the text box or text box label in the pdf. Making changes could affect the template layout, and the letter may not be created correctly.  

Understanding the Information in the Letter  

There’s some personalized details you can include in the letter. Most of the information is from the profile of the employee who's requesting the Employment Verification Letter.

Below is the employee information you can include in the body of the letter. 

  • Employee Number 

  • Employee Given Name 

  • Employee First and Last Name (legal) 

  • Annual Earnings 

  • Primary Position 

  • Last Hire Date 

  • Current Job Status 

  • Current Employment Status

Below are some additional values you can use in the letter. These will be the same for each employee who requests the letter.

  • The HR Manager’s name

  • The HR Manager’s work phone number

  • Any additional salary. This defaults to 4% but can be adjusted.

Additionally, you can also include the date the letter is requested.

Completing the Setup

Now that your PDF Template is ready to go and you know which employee information you’d like to include in the Employment Verification Letter, please contact your Account Manager. We'll be happy to guide you through any questions and help add the Employment Verification Letter for a nominal fee.

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