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Include Your Report on the Avanti Self-Service Portal

Reports Definitions made available on the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP) can be accessed and run by managers directly from the web. Managers can use this to get up-to-date reports from anywhere they can access the ASSP.

Web Enable Reports Definition

Report Definitions can be made available on the ASSP using the Web Enabled option. Only Reports that have this option enabled can be accessed from the web.

  1. Open Report Designer > Report Definitions and open the report definition to make web enabled.

  2. From the Access Controls tab enable the Web Enabled option.

1 7 2019 8 44 41 AM

Once the report has been web enabled it can be accessed by managers from the ASSP at any time.


Web Settings may need to be reloaded before the report appears on the ASSP.

Running Reports from the web

Managers can access the web enabled reports from Reporting > Reports from the default web menu setup.


Web Menu is customizable and your company web menu may be different than the default.

From the Reports page the Manager will be able to select the report to run, change options, and select the format of the report to download.

1The Report to run can be selected here. Only web enabled reports that the manager has access to, will appear.
2The Report Options, Pay Groups, Locations, and Page Layout tabs allow the report options to be changed.
3The format of the report can be changed here. By default, PDF is used but Excel, CSV, Word, .txt, and other formats are also available.
4The report can be downloaded by pressing Download Report.

Role Assignment

When managers access reports through the ASSP they will only be able to see data for the employees which they have active role assignments for.

The following two images show the same report run by a manager and then by an administrator. The manager’s report only contains the data for the two employees within their role assignments, while the administrator shows every employee.

1 8 2019 10 12 55 AM
Figure 1. Report run by a Manager
1 8 2019 10 13 14 AM
Figure 2. Report run by an Administrator

Using role assignments ensures that managers only have access to the information required and nothing else. If a manager does not have any role assignments the reports they download will be empty.


There are no Reports available to select from on the ASSP.

If the manager can access the Reports page but no reports are available to select, ensure that the manager has access to the reports. Access is determined by User Group(s) of the manager and the Access Controls of the report. Managers must have at least Print access to the reports to access them from the web.

Check the Access Control settings:

  1. Open the report from Report Designer > Report Definitions.

  2. Open the Access Controls tab and check that the manager’s User Group is listed in the Print User Group access. (see User Group Selection for details.)

There is no Reports menu on the Web Menu.

Check that the Reports menu is added to the Web Menu:

  1. Open Web Services > Installation and Maintenance > Web Menu.

  2. Press Show Update Menu.

  3. From the Update Menu on the right, expand the Reporting category. If the Reports menu item is missing from the Web Menu it will appear red on the Update Menu.

    1 7 2019 9 26 09 AM
    1. If the menu item is missing, you can add it by right-clicking on the menu item and selecting Add New in Avanti Menu. This will copy the menu item from the update menu to the Avanti Menu.

      1 7 2019 9 27 03 AM
    2. Press OK to save the changes to the menu.

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