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Check out What's New in Avanti 10.08.02

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 10.08.02.

Quebec TP-64.3-V Form

Regular Users can now process Quebec TP-64.3-V forms for eligible Quebec employees who worked from home during 2022.

These forms are available for download in both English and French. For more information on creating these for your employees, visit Generate Quebec TP-64.3-V Forms.

Before getting started, you’ll need to add Generate TP-64.3-V Form to your System Menu. Go to How to Add New Items to Your Avanti Menus for more information.

2022 T2200 and T2200S Released

Now that the 2022 forms are available, they’ll be used when you Generate T2200 Forms. The T2200S forms have since been retired by the CRA.

Terminology: Newfoundland updated to Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland now displays the proper provincial name, Newfoundland and Labrador, throughout Career Connector and the Employee Profile.

Ending the Avanti Desktop Session

Ending your session after a period of inactivity now closes the entire Avanti Desktop rather than just the Cloud Client. You’ll see a popup after five minutes of inactivity on the Desktop, noting that Avanti will close, and youll need to log in again to reconnect.

Dont worry if you’re running a report or any lengthy Avanti process; you won’t be disconnected.

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