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How to Set Up Tax Slips on ASSP

Once you save your tax slip images, you can distribute them to employees in one of the following ways:

  • Mail to your employee’s home address

  • Email to employees

  • Allow access to slips on the Avanti Self-Service Portal

Important Information
Employees must have access to their tax slips by March 1, 2021, for CRA and MRQ compliance.

This article will guide you through setting up Tax Slips on ASSP:

  • Verifying Web Menu Items Required for Electronic Tax Slips

  • Adjusting Settings

  • Enabling Employee Access to Tax Slips

How to Verify Menus for Electronic Tax Slips

Two web menu items are needed and must be up-to-date for employees to access their Tax Slips on the ASSP.

  • Tax Slip Forms: This is where employees can view, print, and email their tax slips.

  • Change Statement Password: This allows employees to change the password required to access and view tax slips. Add this beneath Settings.

    Additional Information
    If your tax slips are not password-protected, don’t add Change Statement Password to your menu.

For more information on adding the menus, go to How to Add New Items to Your Avanti Menus.

Important Information
If you already have Tax Slip Forms on your menu, be sure to confirm whether you’re using the latest version. Go to How to Add New Items to Your Avanti Menus and Review the Menu Differences for more information.

How to Adjust the Tax Slip Settings

Once you have added Tax Slips to the menu, you can set up to:

  • Determine which tax slips are displayed

  • Display an additional message

  • Allow email, so that employees can email themselves a copy of the tax slips

  • Password protect the tax slips

You can also update when the 2020 tax slips will be available on ASSP. For more information, please go to Delay the Display of Tax Slips on ASSP.

How to Set Tax Slips Displayed

You can determine what tax slip years will be displayed on the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

Step 1: Open Administration Settings on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and select Company Settings.
By default, this can be found in Administration. 

Step 2: Enter TaxSlipForms in the Search.

Step 3: Select Edit for TaxSlipForms.MinimumYear.

Step 4: Update the Value to the first year of tax slips you wish to display.

Additional Information
Only tax slips generated in Avanti for this year or later will display on Tax Slip Forms in ASSP.