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How to Delay Tax Slip Display on ASSP

Typically, there’s a delay between saving tax slips and when employees can access them on the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP). Adding a delay gives you time to review the tax slips and ensure accuracy before they become available to your employees.

The tax slip will be available at the same time of day that you saved them. For example, if you delay a day and save the tax slips at 2:45 pm, they will be available at 2:45 pm the following day.

While you adjust the delay please keep in mind that employees must be able to access their tax slips on March 1, 2021, or earlier, for CRA and MRQ compliance.

Step 1: Open Administration Settings on ASSP and select Company Settings.
By default, this can be found in Administration. 

Step 2: Enter slipdelay in the Search.

Step 3: Select Edit for ElectronicTaxSlipDelay.

Step 4: Update the Value to the number of days for the delay, then select Save.

Additional Information
Enter 0 if you want your employees to access the tax slips as soon as you save them.

Step 5: Select Reload Settings.