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Avanti Self-Service Registration Setup

When registering on the Self Service employees are asked a series of questions to verify their identity before they are able to register for an account. The questions that are asked are configurable from the Web Services module.

  1. Open Web Services > Avanti Self-Service Portal Security Settings.

  2. Open the Registration Questions tab.

8 15 2018 10 05 35 AM
1Registration questions are managed from the Registration Questions tab of Avanti Self-Service Portal security Settings.
2The questions which are currently active will be displayed here.
3Questions can be modified, added, and deleted using the buttons down here.

Add a new Registration Question

Adding a new registration question is straight forward—the question is added by pressing Insert, then a Verification Rule is selected and a question is entered. The Verification Rule and the question that are entered should relate to each other directly.

  1. Press Insert and the Verification Question settings will open:

    1. Select the Verification Rule to use. (Press the 8 15 2018 11 02 05 AM button to open the list of available rules.)

    2. Enter the Question that will be displayed during the Self Service registration (an English and French version must be provided).

    3. Select the Sort Order. (The Sort Order will determine where in the list of questions the questions will appear—zero being the top of the list, and larger numbers appear below.)

      8 15 2018 10 31 08 AM
  2. Add the question by pressing OK and the Verification Question settings will close.

  3. Save the changes to the Registration Questions by pressing OK.

You can test the question against data from the Employee Profile by pressing test now.

When new Registration Questions have been added they will immediately be required on the Self Service Registration.

8 15 2018 10 58 10 AM
1The Employee Number is a mandatory registration questions and cannot be changed.
2The remaining Registration Questions are ordered below.

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