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BC EHT - Creating a Source Code Group


If your Gross Earnings (G0) are not adequate for your BC EHT calculations, you will be able to set up a Source Code Group in the remittance report. This group allows you to select which earning, deduction, and benefit codes will be included in the calculation for your BC EHT remittance. To establish what codes should (or should not) be included in your EHT Remittance, please contact the appropriate government body.

Gross Earnings (G0) is calculated as: All Earning Codes – (Type: ‘Other’) + All Taxable Benefits

Creating a Source Code Group

You can create your group under the Canadian Payroll>Installation & Maintenance>Vendor Remittance Setup screen below. Select the remittance form you would like to adjust, and navigate to the ‘Source Codes’ tab.

When on the ‘Source Codes’ tab, click ‘Insert’ and select all relevant codes for the appropriate source. In the example below, I have chosen to include ‘Employee Benefits’ and ‘Gym Benefit’ under ‘Group A’.

Repeat the step above for the same group for all earning and deduction codes you would like to include. For example, when selecting my Earning Codes, I would choose Source: Earning Amount and the same Group: Group A. The finished product should look something like the following:

Once the Source Code Group has been created, you must adjust the Vendor Remittance Report to reflect the newly created group.

Adjusting the Vendor Remittance Report

Under the ‘Columns’ tab of the Vendor Remittance Setup, open Column 2 – Gross Payroll by double clicking, or selecting the row and clicking ‘Modify’.

Adjust the ‘Column Type’ to the Group you had selected in the previous step. In the example below, I have used Group A as my BC EHT Calculation Base. You may also wish to rename the column label that is viewed on the report.

Once the Column Type and Column Label have been changed, press ‘OK’. The vendor remittance report should now be fully functional under your Vendor Remittance menu item. All changes made to the remittance report will be reflected immediately when it is run next.  

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