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Direct deposit file default directory

The default directory to save the bank deposit files generated during payroll processing can be customized per bank. This allows the direct deposit files to be saved to different locations for each bank.

  1. Open the bank information window for a bank from Cheque Reconciliation > Install Bank Information.

    2 13 2019 8 43 04 AM
  2. Open the Direct Deposit tab of the bank information window.

    2 13 2019 8 50 09 AM
  3. Set the default directory for this bank from the Default Deposit Directory field (located near the bottom of the window).

    1. Press the button on the right to open the browse for folder window.

    2. Select the directory to use as the default save location

    3. Press OK to accept the selected directory.

    2 13 2019 8 55 21 AM
Include Bank and File Number in default name Option

You can enable the Include Bank and File Number in default name option if you want a unique name for each deposit file for this bank. This is useful if you want to avoid overwriting older deposit files.

The following is an example of a default filename using this option:

(The first number comes from the number of the bank within Avanti, and the second number comes from the Last File Number field of the Direct Deposit tab.)

  1. Save and close the window by pressing OK now.

When generating the direct deposit file during payroll processing the location to save the deposit file will now default to the directory you just selected. Remember that the default location is set per bank so if you have more than one bank being drawn upon for deposits the default deposit directory will need to be set for each bank.

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