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Formulas: Troubleshooting During Payroll

Do you have a formula that is not producing the expected results? Payroll Administrators can now see the details of their formula calculations when processing pay runs for each employee, including the value of each variable and the results of each line.

Before You Start Using Show Formula Details

We recommend selecting one employee to process pay when using Show Formula Details. Running pay for multiple employees may decrease performance, depending on the number of formulas in your company and the complexity of formulas. It will also produce an extremely long results listing.

Prior to using Show Formula Details, please identify:

  • An employee that does not have the expected results from the formula.

  • The Earning or Deduction/Benefit Code with the formula that is not producing the desired results.

  • The Payment Date and the Pay Ending Date.

How to Show Formula Details

Step 1: Open Process Pay Run in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Payroll Processing.

Step 2: Select Process One Employee.

Step 3: Enter the employee number in Employee.

Step 4: Select the Payment Date and Pay Period Ending.

Step 5: Select Show Formula Details, then select OK.