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What's New in Avanti 10.01

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 10.01, the July 1, 2021 Tax Release.

2021 CRA Tax Changes

10.01 includes changes for the CRA 114th tax update. There are no Federal changes announced, only Provincial changes for New Brunswick.

To review the rates and values, visit 2021 Source Deductions, Rates, and Payroll Changes.

New Brunswick

Effective January 1st, 2021, the tax rate for income up to 43,835 is 9.4%. Since the tax was higher during the first half of the year, a prorated tax rate of 9.12% applies for the remainder of the year.

Once Avanti 10.01 is applied, the applicable employees are taxed at the new rate when the payment date is on or after July 1st.

Ontario Maximum Assessable Earnings for WCB

**Only applicable if you have employees in Ontario.**

April 14, 2021, Ontario’s maximum assessable earnings for 2021 was reduced to $97,308. If you haven’t already, please update Worker’s Compensation Rates in Avanti. Go to Update WCB Rates and Maximum Assessable Earnings for more information.

Once you’ve updated the maximum assessable earnings, you’ll see a negative benefit on the next pay for employees whose year-to-date assessable earnings already surpasses $97,308.

Already submitted a claim with assessable earnings over $97,308? You can adjust the claim directly with WSIB using their Online Services.

Minimum Wage Changes

Recently, some provinces have increased their minimum wages. These amounts automatically update if the old minimum wage is indicated; otherwise, you’ll need to update the amounts.

You can review and update the Minimum Wages in Canadian Payroll >> Taxation & Assessment Tables >> Provincial Tax.


New Minimum Wage

Old Minimum Wage

British Columbia



New Brunswick



Newfoundland and Labrador



Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island









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