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What's New in Avanti 10

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 10.

Avanti Go

We’ve launched a new mobile app: Avanti Go to give your team the power of Avanti in their pocket. Swap and pick up shifts in real-time, get schedule notifications, access and download pay statements, and manage personal info – anywhere, anytime.


  • If you are currently using Avanti Mobile, log in to the new app using the same credentials and you will see your information.

  • If you are currently running Avanti Go via Testflight you will need to delete and download directly from the App Store. (All of your data will be saved).

Want to get started using Avanti Go? Go to Avanti Avanti Go Setup Guide.

New Avanti Experience

We have made some exciting updates to our self-serve portal, including updating the design of our menus and adding a new employee directory so you and your team can manage personal information more intuitively. This round of updates is just the beginning of a slew of new features and design upgrades. Enable the new features today and start exploring with our new in-app tour!

Clock Connect

Clock Connect is a web-based version of the Avanti Clock Service for clients using uFace Clocks. This new product works seamlessly with the latest version of Avanti and ensures everyone is on the same page. Clock Connect is not only more secure and easier to maintain but it receives punches in real-time and refreshes every 30 seconds versus every 5 minutes so you can be sure you always have access to the most up-to-date and accurate info.


Build payroll and HR solutions that work for you using our robust RESTful API (application programming interface). With this new release, we are making our API documentation and endpoints available to all of our clients to allow integrations with your essential platforms for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Right now, in order to build, you'll need a developer as we work to build out our integration marketplace.

Note: For those using our Early Access, you should have seen updates to documentation and endpoints that reflect the latest version.

Employee Maintenance

Are you making large-scale changes to your workforce? You can rehire or terminate many employees quicker and easier with Mass Rehire and Mass Termination.

If too many terminated employees are making Avanti hard to navigate, you can now remove them anytime using Delete Terminated Employees… just make sure you maintain a record of employees terminated less than seven years ago outside Avanti.

Need to keep your Avanti Employees aligned with a third-party service provider? Use Import Employees to add new employees in Avanti and update existing employees.

Make Avanti the single source of truth for all your employee documents using Import Employee Documents. Get your employee files out of folders and into Avanti using Import Employee Documents.

Have an employee with an incorrect employee number? Renumber the employee using Renumber Employees.

Payroll Reporting

You can now print payroll reports for your GL by Earning and Deduction/Benefit codes. This report displays the debits and credits for each code, as well as a summary of your current and past payroll. This new G/L breakdown provides a high level of accuracy to the financial reporting and will greatly help when exporting and/or integrating with other software.

Want more info on creating the report? Go to GL Distribution by Earning/Deduction Code.

Time & Attendance Imports

Keeping Time & Attendance up-to-date with all your third-party systems is easier than ever with our Time & Attendance Imports. With Avanti 10, you can now import employee schedules, employee clock punches, and Time Data entries.

Want to learn more? Check out our help centre articles:

OneDrive Integration

Keep all your files in one place with our new OneDrive integration. When creating reports using Avanti Desktop you can now save files automatically to your OneDrive for easier management and access.

Once you save a report on OneDrive, you won’t have to navigate to your OneDrive again; its location defaults when you save anywhere in the Avanti Desktop.

For more information, check out the Saving Reports to your OneDrive.

Odds and Ends

Indeed Conversion Tracking

Are you using Indeed’s Conversion Tracker for applicant insights? You can now get insights for applicants who apply on Career Connector.

To start gathering insights, just add your tracking number to the Indeed Conversion Tracker Id in Web Settings in Career Connector Settings.

Click here to learn more about Indeed’s conversion tracker.

Prevent Employees from Applying on Job Postings

Want your employees to view Job Postings on ASSP, but not be able to apply? You can now remove the Apply button from Job Postings on ASSP using the menu’s responsibility.

To restrict access, update the Insert Responsibility on the Job Posting in Web Menu. Apply only displays for employees with the same or higher responsibility level.

Favourites Folder
With Favourite Folders, you can create a repository of all the places you save reports from Avanti, so you don’t have to navigate to a folder every time you’re saving a report. Click here to learn more.

New Report Sources Added to Report Designer

There are three new report sources to assist with designing reports.

If employees specify a work code when punching in on a time clock, you can now include them in your reports using:

  • Punch Data >> Work Code

  • Punch Data >> Work Code Description - Task ID

  • Punch Data >> Work Code Description - Position Code.

If you include the work code’s description in the report, be sure to include the correct work code description, which can either be a Position or a Task.

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