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Adding New Features to the New Avanti Experience

Are you eager to unlock even more exciting features? Look no further – we’ve got you covered! Follow these simple steps to integrate the latest cutting-edge enhancements seamlessly.

Take a look at the Overview Guides if you’re Interested in learning more about features. Visit the Setup Guides if you’re not already using the feature and Transition Guides if you’re using an older version of the feature.

Step 1: Select System Configuration.

Step 2: Select New Experience.
This can be found under System.

Step 3: Select Start Setup.

Step 4: Select Continue.

Step 5: Select the new features that you would like to enable.

Step 6: Select Edit beside the feature you are enabling.

Step 7: Select a Role Type to determine which employees who your managers and regular users can access.

Additional Information
Go to Role Assignments
 for more information.

Step 8: Select the User Groups. Anyone in one of the selected User Groups can access it.

Additional Information
Only users in one of the selected User Groups can access the feature.

Step 9: Set your desired Responsibility to Add, Edit, View, and Delete.

  • A * grants access to all users.

  • Enter an A to restrict access the most. Only users with will have access.

  • Enter any other letter. Users with that letter will have access. Users with a letter between that level of access and A will also have access.

Additional Information
Responsibility levels range from A to Z, with A being the most restrictive. The user’s responsibility level is based on their assigned user groups. Go to Responsibilities for more information.

For example, if the Edit Responsibility is B, the user must have A or B access to make modifications.

Step 10: Select Save.

Step 11: Select Finish.

Congratulations! You have finished adding the new feature.  

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